RecTec Engineering is a custom workshop specialized in environment technology. We have delivered equipment and plants already more than 30 years time so we have gained plenty of experience in different kinds of waste handling systems.

Kuusakoski sold on Friday 05/22/2015 a transaction concluded Recycling Technologies Division, business RecTec Engineering Oy. The new main shareholders are Tapio Vali-Torala, Martti Kuusakoski and Petri Liikanen. Kuusakoski Group Oy owns 20% of the new company. All employees will continue as old employees either Kuusakoski or RecTec Engineering employs. RecTec unit has been designed, manufactured and installed metal recycling and environmental management used machinery and equipment.

RecTec Engineering has operated since 1980 and business idea has been same since the beginning, to deliver good quality and long term most cost effective process and equipment solutions for recycling and waste handling suitable for customers. Past years we have deliveries as for our home country to abroad from Siberia to Chicago. We master environment technology widely from exhaust gases to water cleaning and from aluminum smelting to sink and float separation.

We operate according to the following principles:


We survey the needs and material flows for customers according to witch we offer just the appropriate and safe solution for this particular purpose. This is based on our deep knowledge of recycling and waste handling industry.


Our own designing (Vertex G4/AutoCad) and wide experience in difficult processes and material flows bring certainty for choosing the total economic solutions, which keep the processes running reliably, economically and for long time .


We recognize the input materials and the quality requirements for the output fractions as well as the sales channels. Therefore we can offer the total economical refining processes for your company to be successful and the amount of side products can be put to minimum.


1980 Myllyojan Metal started its operations

1988 Kuusakoski purchased Myllyojan Metal Ltd

2004 Myllyojan Metalli Oy is merged as a part of Kuusakoski Oy, Recycling Technologies, RecTec

2015 RecTec Engineering Oy in an MBO to start after the transaction.