RecTec's products are based on practical experience, we manufacture the reliability of the equipment as well as tried and tested and proven proprietary hardware components. We have successfully helped their customers to increase capacity having performed the first comprehensive familiarization handled material flows.

The mobile rail breaker is ancillary attachment for hydraulic excavator, which can be used for breaking demolished railway, tram and crane rail, as wells as hardened and tempered steel rods.The production capacity of the rail breaker is greatly dependent on shape, size and material composition of handled rails.

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The Tyre Grapple WP800 is a welded connector plate machine use for seperating the rim from the car tires according to the customer's material handling machine. The tyre grapple can be attached to the material handling machien and then connect the hydraulic hoses between the tyre grapple interface and material handling machine as shown in the picture.