The mobile rail breaker is ancillary attachment for hydraulic excavator, which can be used for breaking demolished railway, tram and crane rail, as well as hardened and tempered steel rods

  • PLC control for automatic drive and easy fitting to the excavator

  • Grab for picking up and holding the rail
    • Gap adjustment system, for adjusting the gap between the draw-in rollers according to the size of the handled rail

    • Draw in roller unit, for moving the rail inside the breaker to require cutting length

    • Breaker arm for twisting the rial until it breaks


    Main dimensions:

    Approx. weight excluding rotator unit:

    Operating weight of base machine:

    Production capacity with rail type K43 - K60:

    Length of handled rail:

    Length of end product:

    Max. breaking force:

    Recommend oil flow and working pressure

    - Breaking cylinder:

    - Other functions: (rotator, grab, gap adjustment and draw-in rollers):

    2400 x 1600 x 920 mm

    2500 kg

    min. 20 tons

    7 tons/hour

    3 - 30 m

    adjustable, min 0,45 m

    480 KN

    2 x 170 I/min, 320 bar

    80 I/min, 200 bar